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Women’s Lacrosse

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You choose the college coaches you want to work with.  

Hone your skills and maximize your exposure with Division One coaches.  Choose from one-hour small group sessions, half hour shooting clinics, or 7 v 7 scrimmages with a D-I coach coaching your team.  Customize your training to fit your goals and schedule.

Per NCAA rules, this camp is open to any and all entrants on a first come first serve basis regardless of skill level.

Unlike a showcase, where college coaches watch from the sideline, these small group sessions allow the coaches to step on the field and provide you with personal instruction focused on fundamentals and skill development.

You choose the college coaches you want to work with. In each session, you will be coached by two different Division One coaches for 30 minutes each in a small group setting.  Schools represented include…

Ohio State
Penn State
St. Francis 
William and Mary
…and more

You can also sign up for a shooting clinic or a scrimmage with a Division One coach coaching your team.  

Maryland Soccerplex in Montgomery County, Maryland boasts three state-of-the-art full sized synthetic turf fields equipped with lights.

Located between Washington DC and Baltimore, the facility is accessible from Dulles (IAD), Baltimore (BWI), and Reagan (DCA).

Develop your fundamental skills in stick handling and movement through progressive drills and instruction led by Division One coaches.

In addition to dynamic drill work meant to improve cradling, scooping, throwing, and catching, coaches will lead shooting clinics.

Training will also focus on decision making by simulating game action in a controlled setting. These read and react drills are designed to enhance real-time in-game reactions.

The health and safety of our student-athletes is our highest priority. Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) will be present on site for injury prevention and first aid response.

Our coaches are professionals who know that the coach-player relationship is one built on mutual respect.

Choose from small group sessions, shooting clinics, and scrimmages.  First session starts at 9 am.  Last session ends at 2 pm.
Each session is reserved for either 7th to 9th graders or 9th to 12th graders.  

  • Registration Fee TBD
  • One hour of small group instruction with two different D-I coaches $60
  • Shooting Clinic $40
  • Scrimmage $80

What is special about a Good Company Camp?
College coaches are the foremost experts in the world in their sport, but they have limited time outside of coaching their own teams.

For young student-athletes, getting exposure to these coaches traditionally requires traveling to one specific college campus to participate in the school’s institutional camp. Although institutional camps are great opportunities to learn and see a school, there are hundreds of participants and only one college coaching staff.

At a Good Company Camp, you get to pick the college coaches you want to work with. You will be in a small group with no more than 12 other players. And, you can work with multiple college coaches on the same day in the same place.

Who is eligible to sign-up for a Good Company Camp?

To register, a student-athlete must be in 7th through 12th grade (graduation years 2024 through 2029). We group you based on your graduation year within each small group. As required by NCAA rules, Good Company Camps are open to everyone in that age range regardless of skill level or ability. Registration is limited only by availability on a first-come first-serve basis.

I am not sure if I plan to play a sport in college, should I still sign up for a Good Company Camp?

Absolutely! A Good Company Camp is a rare opportunity to be coached by some of the best coaches in the world. It is a chance to learn and grow as a player regardless of where you are in your journey or where you are going. Whether your goal is to get a college scholarship or just to contribute on your high school team, a Good Company Camp is a unique opportunity to acquire new knowledge and hone your skills.

How does registration work?

You can reserve your space in the camp by registering. Select the coaches you want to work with from the available times that work from your schedule. You customize your day based on your goals, schedule, and budget. Sessions fill on a first come first serve basis. If the session is full, you can add your name to the waitlist without any payment information required, and we will contact you if a spot opens up.

How much does it cost to register?

Registration requires a $80 payment. In addition to the registration fee, each clinic has a fixed cost. Both the registration fee and the clinic fee is refundable minus a $20 admin fee if you cancel at any time up to 30 days before the camp date. If you cancel within 30 days of the camp, we will still provide a refund minus a $50 admin fee provided we are able to fill your spot off the waitlist.

What does my registration fee include?

Your registration fee includes everything required to participate in the camp – field access, a numbered reversible jersey, access to certified athletic trainers, and most importantly, access to the best coaches in the world!

What if I already enrolled but want to add more sessions?

If you are already enrolled and want to add more sessions, you can log back into the website using the same email address you registered with.  Once you log back in, you can add additional sessions.

What if I already enrolled but need to change my sessions?

If you are already enrolled and need to change sessions, email us at  Please email from the account you used to register and provide the student-athlete name and tell us which session you would like to add and which session you would like to remove.  We will email you confirmation once we switch your sessions.

What if I register but need to cancel for any reason?

You can cancel for any reason and receive a full refund up to 30 days before the camp date minus a $20 processing fee. Simply log into your account, cancel your reservation, and email us at to make sure we promptly refund your deposit. If you need to cancel within 30 days of the camp, we will still provide a refund, minus a $50 admin fee, provided we are able to fill your spot off of the waitlist.

The website says the camp is full, and the “Register” button now says “Join the Waitlist,” is it worth signing up for the waitlist?

Yes!  We also open up opportunities if anyone decides to cancel. There is no cost to sign up for the waitlist, and there is a chance you will still get to attend the camp!

I am on the waitlist, what happens next?

We add from the waitlist on a first-come first-serve basis. If a spot opens up and you are next on the waitlist, we will contact you via the registration information you provided when you signed up for the waitlist. We will then hold your place for 24 hours, so you can decide if you want to participate in the camp. Once you decide to participate, simply pay the registration fee and we will confirm your place. If you do not confirm your spot by submitting payment, we will open your spot to the next person on the waitlist.

What do I need to bring?

We do not provide any personal equipment other than a reversable numbered jersey. We will provide team equipment as requested by each coach (cones, balls, goals, etc.). However, you are responsible to bring any personal equipment required to play your sport (footwear, mouthguard, goggles, stick, etc). Although water will be provided, you should also bring a water bottle and plenty of snacks! You set your own schedule when you sign up for clinics, so no lunch or other food service will be provided.

I plan to sign up for a few clinics in the morning or a few clinics in the afternoon, should I plan to be there all day? What time should I plan to arrive? What time should I plan to leave?

You set your own schedule, so you can arrive and depart at whatever time best fits your schedule. Keep in mind that you should plan to arrive at least 45 minutes before your first clinic so you can register, warm up, and be ready to go right when it starts. When you complete your last clinic, you can leave at any time. You are also free to leave between clinics if you have enough time.

How will I know where to go?

One week before the camp, we will email you all of the information you need: where to park, where to go for registration, confirmation of your clinic times, a diagram of the field, etc.

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Lacrosse at Maryland SoccerPlex

Montgomery County, Maryland

Sports Field

Improve your skills and get exposure to college lacrosse coaches from your favorite schools. Be coached by them and get noticed.


Division One Coaches


Multiple Schools


One Camp


Small Groups


Personal Instruction


Synthetic Turf

Improve your skills and get exposure
to college Lacrosse coaches.
Be coached by them and get noticed.

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