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Our Mission

Non-revenue sports create countless opportunities for student-athletes to develop confidence, leadership, and perseverance. For many, it is also a goal to continue playing their sport in college.

College and professional coaches are the top coaches in the world, but they have limited time outside of coaching their own teams.

Our mission is to bridge the gaps in time and geography to bring future student-athletes and elite coaches together in one place so they can build relationships and share the game that they love. In doing so, we strive to promote diversity in non-revenue sports by creating athletic opportunities for youth all over the United States and Canada.

Good Company Sports

Our Approach

  • We coordinate with coaches from the college and professional level to give you access to elite coaching.
  • You customize your own program, choosing from the available times and coaches, to fit your goals and schedule.
  • We limit the size of each small group to allow you to showcase your skills and maximize your exposure.
About section

Our Team


Melissa (Stai) Weiss


Melissa played field hockey at Stanford University and served as captain in her senior season. Originally from San Diego, CA, Melissa experienced youth sports and college recruiting from all angles – as an athlete, a coach, and a parent.

In addition to her own journey from youth sports to division one college athletics, Melissa coaches at both the high school and club level. Her husband, Matt, was a professional football coach for the Baltimore Ravens and also coached college football at the University of Michigan, providing her another unique vantage point on player development and college recruiting.

As the proud mom of three children who are active in youth sports, she founded Good Company Sports to create a better camp experience for both student-athletes and coaches.